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The pivitol scene from my fourth thriller "Wiggle Room" when Stacy is confronted by Zarife on Haynes' back porch is featured on THAT PART WHERE

Image THAT PART WHERE features "the greatest scenes from the latest books."

When I'm not writing murder mysteries and award winner books, I'm digging holes

Writers all have their diversionary tactics to avoid or break writer's block. For me, it's "working in the yard" -- the term that most guys use for gardening -- or at least most Southern guys. My longtime friend Marsha Cannon interviewed me in October 2013 for her popular blog and featured my family backyard or garden. Marsha wanted to picture me in the location where I spend most of my time writing my murder mysteries and medical thrillers. Truthfully, where and when I craft my fiction into manuscript varies with what the rest of my life is throwing at me -- thus the necessity of a laptop and downloaded file via a flash drive. I have included below the link above to the feature, which includes a brief pictorial tour of Darden's Garden and mention of my award winner books. I encourage readers to check out Cannon's other posts. In fact, I know of many who start the day with a visit to the daily offering posted on http://marshacanno

Midwest Book Review of "Wiggle Room"

    Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers   MBR Bookwatch   Volume 12, Number 9 September 2013 Home | MBW Index Mason's Bookshelf Wiggle Room Darden North Sartoris Literary Group 9780989318624, $19.95, Synopsis: Brad Cummins is an Air Force surgeon who returns from overseas deployment after serving four months at the height of the Iraq War, during which he fails to save an injured soldier but mends the GI's attacker. He endures rigid criticism from his peers, yet survives the medical tribunal's investigation. Back in Jackson, Mississippi, still blaming himself for returning the insurgent to the killing fields, Cummins discovers his look-alike brother shot to death and is certain that he was the intended target. Both the police and Brad's fiancée discount his fears as paranoia, forcing Brad to consult a psychiatrist. Then his fiancée is found murdered in his apartment. There is no doubt

Linda Leon interviews Darden North on "Book That Author" Blog Radio Show

Live audio interview on "Book That Author" where Linda Leon asks about branding myself as a thriller author to a much greater degree with the release of "Wiggle Room." It is always a surprise to be asked to share advice with other authors, but I gave my best shot. We talked about how driving plot with  character conflict is essential to a good read and how the unquestionable popularity of eBooks has changed the publication industry. A common question for me in these interviews concerns the development of time management skills, and this interview was no exception. Of course, I'm composing this blog post at near midnight. ----- Darden

Interviewed by Stephen McDill for the "Mississippi Business Journal"

Stephen McDill of the Mississippi Business Journal interviewed me shortly after the release of "Wiggle Room." We talked about the origin of the thriller's plot as well as the research required in writing a book even when the work is fiction. Jackson doctor mixes medicine with thriller writing June 18, 2013 Health Care Editor’s Note: Darden North will have his first official signing for “Wiggle Room” at Lemuria Books in Jackson’s Banner Hall on July 20 from 1:00-3:00 PM. The event is sponsored by the Sartoris Literary Group and will also include a headline signing of “Scotty & Elvis” by Elvis Presley guitarist Scotty Moore. Jackson OB/GYN Darden North’s fourth thriller “Wiggle Room” moves quickly from the battlefields of Iraq to the lobby of the King Edward Hotel powered by a rollercoaster page-turning plot written in the spirit of John Grisham and Tom Cla

WIGGLE ROOM reviewed by Harriet Klausner for THE MYSTERY GAZETTE and FOLLOW THE CLUE

Image The Mystery Gazette Monday, June 3, 2013 Wiggle Room-Darden North Wiggle Room Darden North Sartoris Literary Group, May 25 2013, $19.95 ISBN: 9780989318624 Air Force surgeon Major Brad Cummins nears the end of his four month deployment in Iraq when the American victims of an IED are rushed into emergency care. Also brought in is the wounded insurgent bomber Zarife Amarah. Whereas Marine Lance Corporal Chad Giles dies, Amarah lives. Feeling guilty over failing to save the American solider, the medical board exonerates Brad while his peers remain hostile. In Jackson, Mississippi, he feels added remorse for enabling Amarah to return to killing Americans. However, Brad is shocked when his brother Brian is murdered. Brad believes he was the target due to his saving the insur

New York Journal of Books and review Darden North's WIGGLE ROOM

Follow these links to early reviews of Wiggle Room , fourth novel by Darden North: NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS   Wiggle Room by Darden North Reviewed by George Halas | Released: May 25, 2013 Publisher: Sartoris Literary Group (252 pages) “. . . there is a sense that Mr. North’s visually acute, action-packed style in this book is likely headed for the silver screen . . .” If what you seek is a fast-paced, action-packed “just one more chapter” thriller, Wiggle Room by Darden North definitely fits the bill. Mr. North’s economical writing is augmented by just enough humor to keep the pace brisk and the pages turning. His heroes are less than perfect but eminently likable, and his villains occupy more than one dimension. Mr. North writes as though it is just wrong for a reader to catch a breath. The opening of the book is set in Balad, Iraq, during the war and the opening sentences describe a mortar

Dogs are man's best friend, especially if he writes novels and drinks coffee

I was interviewed on Marshal Zeringue's blog Coffee with a Canine May 15, 2013. I'm still waiting for Valerie and Foxy to answer me. Check out the interview at: The interview on Coffee with a Canine is also pasted below including the comments that followed the post: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Darden North & Valerie and Foxy Who are in the photos with this entry? That’s me Darden North and our two dogs, Valerie and Foxy . Both are hand-me-ups from our daughter. Valerie is a Chihuahua and Foxy a Pomeranian-rat terrier mix, otherwise known as a pomerat. Foxy indeed resembles a fox and Valerie a Chihuahua. I share the feeding, walking, and picking-up duties of these two beautiful girls with my wife Sally, although I do most of the meals and picking-up. As expected, Valerie and Foxy love me more. The two girls are at my heels the minute I get home from my day job as an obstetri